Apologies for the lack of results for 22nd & 23rd September. Our webpage provider is fixing the issue..

Art, Literary & Media Submissions

Submissions are required by Sunday 8th August at 3pm at our Office behind St Mary’s Church off Castling St West End. We are also open 9:30am – 12:30pm Monday to Friday every week & Saturday 7th Aug  9-12 pm & Sunday 8th Aug 9am – 3pm. You will need to attach a declaration to each piece which you will find under the Competitors Tab on our website. Click on Literary & Arts & the required declaration is at the end of the Rules document. 

Rules & Conditions

Please make sure that you read the General Rules & the Discipline Rules which are found under the Competitors tab. 😊

Entry Opening Date

Entries open Saturday 3rd April at 6pm via Stardom.
We have been working hard to bring you a Covid-safe event. Hope to see you there in Sept! 😁