2019 Results – Literary

Literature Senior Encouragement Award
Drew Roberts
Literature Junior Encouragement Award
Deona Emmanuel
Section 601 – Year 7 to Age 18 Original Poem Solo
First:Lauren Atkinson
Second:Grace Quin
Third:Ben Fitzpatrick
H Commended:Leisle Kuhle
Section 602 – Years 5 & 6 Original Poem Solo
First:Angus Faichney
Second:Gemma Morris
Third:Mollie Fitzpatrick
Section 603 – Years 3 & 4 Original Poem Solo
First:Juliette Pearce
Second:Claire Barbagallo
Third:Matthew Snee
H Commended:Kate Hancock
Archer Rawnsley
Section 604 – Year 2 & Under Original Poem Solo
First:Adam Snee
Second:Henry Hedger
Third:Alexander Williams
Section 605 – Year 7 to Age 18 Short Story Solo
First:Naomi Kuhle
Second:Leisle Kuhle
Third:Alexandra Quin
H CommendedLauren Atkinson
Brandon Lindsay
Sophie de Jersey
Zara Roberts
Luke Carroll
Section 606 – Year 7 to Age 18 Short Story Solo
First:Zara Roberts
Second:Sophie de Jersey
Third:Lauren Atkinson
Section 607 – Year 10 to Age 18 Creative Writing Solo
First:Drew Roberts
Second:Pamela Emmanoilidis
Third:Tayla Oshyer
Sienna Thomas
Brandon Lindsay
Laclan Daniel
Elizabeth Carroll
Anai Tillack
Section 608A – Year 6 Creative Writing Solo
First:Trina Yapp
Second:Edan Watson
Third:Annais Lazaredes
H Commended:Max Quin
Vienne Richardson
Bridgette Longson
Section 608B – Year 6 Creative Writing Solo
First:Christina Andreakis
Second:Sienna Hall
Third:Emmy Tuckett
H Commended:Maxwell Kendall
Kade Toigo
Haydan King
Section 609A – Year 5 Creative Writing Solo
First:Ella Stockham
Second:Annliya Binu
Third:Grace King
H Commended:Chloe Lone
Morgan Thom
Leylani Hutana
Section 609B-Year 5 Creative Writing Solo
First:Grace Patching
Second:Taleisha Gaeta
Third:Gianluca Bryant
H Commended:Colin Rajesh
Callan Watson
Kelly Davis
Section 610A – Year 4 Creative Writing Solo
First:Alexandra Greenway
Second:Riley Johnston
Third:Sarah Glascow
H Commended:Ryley Megaley
Lincoln Boon
Caitlyn Wiltshire
Section 610B – Year 4 Creative Writing Solo
First:Ebony Dellaway
Second:Chloe Swanson
Third:Will Langford
H Commended:Sebella Cowie
Kate Raju
Abbey Vickers
Section 611A – Year 3 Creative Writing Solo
First:Ella Davies
Second:Jorja Cornick
Third:Paige Wise
H Commended:Abbey Spring
Rory Farrell-Downs
Section 611B – Year 3 Creative Writing Solo
First:Amelie Edwards
Second:Anika Ford
Third:Skyla Scandlyn
H Commended:Lexi Clarke
Stephanie Longson
Chase Reid
Section 612A – Year 2 Creative Writing Solo
First:Deona Emmanuel
Second:Madison Long
Third:Samantha Morgan
H Commended:Lucas Cowie
Tiarna Martin
Lincoln Bracken
Section 612B – Year 2 Creative Writing Solo
First:Alysha Kant
Second:Asha-Kate Eisel
Third:Brooke Gordon
H Commended:Ellie Dingle
Section 613A – Year 1 & Under Creative Writing Solo
First:Ella Edwards
Second:Lucas Kersnovske
Third:Eliza Leon
H Commended:Liam Hunter
Edan Payne
Connor Lazzaroni
Section 613B – Year 1 & Under Creative Writing Solo
First:Emma Brooks
Second:Milla Brosnan
Third:Shaun Jacob
H Commended:Eamon O’Farrell
Grace Purcell
Section 614 – Year 10 to Age 18 Functional Writing Solo
First:Leisle Kuhle
Second:Lauren Atkinson
Third:Lucy Fitzpatrick
H Commended:Paige Thomas
Section 615 – Year 7 to 9 Functional Writing Solo
First:Grace Quin
Second:Brandon Lindsay
Third:Sienna Thomas
H Commended:Maria Daniel
Ben Fitzpatrick
Sharla Campbell
Section 616 – Year 5 & 6 Functional Writing Solo
First:Anna Snee
Second:Stephanie Morgan
Third:Mollie Fitzpatrick
Section 617 – Year 3 & 4 Functional Writing
No competitors