2019 Results – Music – Instrumental

Music – Instrumental 
Instrumental Trophies and Awards
Instrumental Bursary Age 15 to 18
Jessica Stobie
Morna Ward Trophy – most promising pianist Age 13 and over
Lauren Atkinson
Sister Valerie Huston Trophy – most outstanding instrumental item
Lauren To
Trinity College Trophy for Music – most promising pianist Age 12 and under
Natasha Tourle
Brass Music Specialists Encouragement Award –
Jenna Curtis
Christine Pulverenti Award – Most promising strings student Age 12 and under
Mia Clive
AUSTA Award – Most promising strings student Age 13 to 18
Brandon Lindsay
Section 100 Age 14 to 18 Instrumental Championship Solo
First:Emily McDonald
Second:Junyoung Park
Third:Lara Herlambang
H Commended:Luke Carroll
Section 101 Age 16 to 18 Classical Piano Solo
First:Geun Yun
Second:Lauren Atkinson
Third:Emily McDonald
H Commended:Zi Hui Chen
Section 102 Age 14 & 15 Classical Piano Solo
First:Kevin Wang
Second:Seoyeon Kim
Third:Lauren To
H Commended:Junyoung Park
Section 103 Age 13 Classical Piano Solo
First:Matilda Davies
Second:Nicola Hitchcock
Third:Charlotte To
VH Commended:Maxwell Hanks
H Commended:Yuki Lo
Maria Gundorova
Naomi Nam
Section 104 Age 12 Classical Piano Solo
First:Aiko Tregear
Second:Natasha Tourle
Third:Caitlyn Hellier
Section 105 Age 11 Classical Piano Solo
First:Heidi Zahn
Second:Gabrielle Penaluna
Third:Lareesa Gedara
H Commended:Meg Burbridge
Section 106A Age 10 Classical Piano Solo
First:Shoko Tregear
Second:Kimberley Hellier
Third:Si-Cheng Dong
H Commended:Mia Clive
Section 106B Age 10 Classical Piano Solo
First:Akira Miller
Second:Liam Doyle
Third:Lily Foreman
H Commended:Jocelyn Leung
Section 107A Age 9 Classical Piano Solo
First:Mynjeong Kim
Second:Clara Win
Third:Kaitlyn Penaluna
H Commended:Patrick Forbes
Section 107B Age 9 Classical Piano Solo
First:Luke de Jersey
Second:Vivaan Puri
Third:Jackson Rogers
H Commended:Jenna Landy
Section 108 Age 8 Classical Piano Solo
First:Sayuki Miller
Second:Jessica Yushi Jiang
Third:Joshua Peters
H Commended:Zoe Lyster
Jerry Junyu Fan
Section 109 Age 7 & Under Classical Piano Solo
First:Yula Copley
Second:Cheng Chong
Third:Joyce Zu Ning
H Commended:Abigail Peters
Anna To
Section 110 Age 13 to 18 J.S. Bach Piano Solo
First:Lauren Atkinson
Second:Isabella Yi He Wong
Third:Kevin Wang
H Commended:Junyoung Park
Section 111 Age 13 to 18 J.S. Bach – Any Instrument other than Piano Solo
First:Emily McDonald
Second:Lara Herlambang
Third:Luke Carroll
H Commended:Lauren Atkinson
Section 112 Age 16 to 18 Popular Piano Solo
First:Lauren Atkinson
Second:Emily McDonald
Third:Zi Hui Chen
H Commended:Daniel Lee
Section 113A Age 13 to 15 Popular Piano Solo
First:Lauren To
Second:Isabella Yi He Wong
Third:Meghan Knowles
H Commended:Timothy Salvador
Section 113B Age 13 to 15 Popular Piano Solo
First:Claire Jiang
Second:Chinsia Burns
Third:Charlotte To
Section 114A Age 11 & 12 Popular Piano Solo
First:Natasha Tourle
Second:William Sargent
Third:Gabrielle Penaluna
H Commended:Calam Sinclair
Rohan Nalavade
Section 114B Age 11 & 12 Popular Piano Solo
First:Aiko Tregear
Second:Caitlyn Hellier
Third:Danika Bailey
H Commended:Sarah Marshman
Section 115A Age 10 & Under Popular Piano Solo
First:Lily Foreman
Second:Shoko Tregear
Third:Samantha Hellier
H Commended:Jocelyn Leung
Section 115B Age 10 & Under Popular Piano Solo
First:Mia Ziwel Situ
Second:Mynjeong Kim
Third:Zachary To
H Commended:Vivaan Puri
Section 115C Age 10 & Under Popular Piano Solo
First:Jerry Junyu Fan
Second:Jessica Yushi Jiang
Third:Sayuki Miller
Kaitlyn Penaluna
H Commended:Amy Herdegen
Ayesha Senthuran
Millie Perks
Section 116A Age 13 to 18 Piano by Australian Composer Solo
First:Lauren Atkinson
Second:Daniel Lee
Third:Geun Yun
H Commended:Hari Senthuran
Meghan Knowles
Section 116B Age 13 to 18 Piano by Australian Composer Solo
First:Isabella Wi He Wong
Second:Junyoung Park
Third:Yuki Lo
H Commended:Maria Gundorova
Section 117A Age 12 & Under Piano by Australian Composer Solo
First:Natasha Tourle
Second:Lily Foreman
Third:Gabrielle Penaluna
H Commended:DaEum Choi
Loc Nguyen
Section 117B Age 12 & Under Piano by Australian Composer Solo
First:Abigail Peters
Second:Jerry Junyu Fan
Third:Joshua Peters
H Commended:Si-Cheng Dong
Mynjeong Kim
Section 118 Age 18 & Under Piano Duet
First:Isabella Yi He Wong, Timothy Salvador
Second:Emily McDonald, Seoyeon Kim
Third:Jonathon Ly, Lauren To
Section 119 Age 12 & Under Piano Duet
First:Aiko, Shoko Tregear
Second:Chloe Lone, Sabine Spagnol
Third:Lucy, William Sargent
Section 120 Age 10 & Under Piano Duet
First:Mia Situ, Mynjeong Kim
Second:Amelia Rush, Mia Clive
Third:Patrick Forbes, Reef Hanson
H Commended:Jocelyn Leung, Lily Foreman
Section 121 Age 14 to 18 Senior Digital Piano Championship Solo
First:Timothy Salvadore
Second:Ella Gausden
Section 122 Age 13 & Under Junior Digital Piano Championship Solo
First:Isabella Yi He Wong
Second:Mynjeong Kim
Third:Maxwell Hanks
H Commended:Liem Nguyen
Jessica Yushi Jiang
Lily Foreman
Section 123 Age 16 to 18 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Ella Gausden
Second:Caleb Tribusic
Section 124 Age 14 & 15 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Timothy Salvador
Second:Jensel Ariz
Third:Jacob Smith
H Commended:Sam Salvador
Section 125 Age 12 & 13 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Isabella Yi He Wong
Second:Maxwell Hanks
Third:Liem Nguyen
H Commended:Calam Sinclair
Yuki Lo
Section 126A Age 10 & 11 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:William Sargent
Second:Sheanah De Motte
Third:Jocelyn Leung
H Commended:
Section 126B Age 10 & 11 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Jocelyn Yuhan Jiang
Second:Lily Foreman
Third:Anna Binu
H Commended:Caitlyn Wiltshire
Flynn Rowland
Section 127A Age 8 & 9 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Mynjeong Kim
Second:Mia Ziwei Situ
Third:Jessica Yushi Jiang
H Commended:Ivyanne Read
Kaitlyn Penaluna
Section 127B Age 8 & 9 Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Jerry Junyu Fan
Second:Evaan Joseph
Third:Zoe Lyster
H Commended:Lucy Sargent
Zavian Smith
Section 128 Age 7 & Under Digital Piano (Not Classical) Solo
First:Liam Ewels
Second:Freya Eng
Third:Anna To
H Commended:Alistair McLennan
Mana Roberts
Section 129/130 Age 14 to 18 Digital Piano (Classical) Solo
First:Timothy Salvadore
Second:Brandon Lindsay
Third:Jensel Ariz
Section 131 Age 12 & 13 Digital Piano (Classical) Solo
First:Isabella Yi He Wong
Second:Liem Nguyen
Third:Amber Meeson
H Commended:
Section 132 Age 10 & 11 Digital Piano (Classical) Solo
First:Sheanah De Motte
Second:Lily Foreman
Third:William Sargent
H Commended:Jocelyn Yuhan Jiang
Anna Binu
Jocelyn Leung
Section 133 Age 8 & 9 Digital Piano (Classical) Solo
First:Mynjeong Kim
Second:Mia ZiweiSitu
Third:Jerry Junyu Fan
H Commended:Jessica Yushi Jiang
Lucy Sargent
Evaan Joseph
Section 134 Age 7 & Under Digital Piano (Classical) Solo
First:Bennett Mak
Second:Anna To
Third:Freya Eng
H Commended:Evonne Joseph
Alistair McLennan
Section 135 Age 16 to 18 Bowed Strings Solo
First:Lara Herlambang
Second:Emily McDonald
Third:Phillip Haig
Section 136 Age 13 to 15 Bowed Strings Solo
First:Brandon Lindsay
Second:Chinsia Burns
Third:Seoyeon Kim
H Commended:Luke Carroll
Section 137 Age 11 & 12 Bowed Strings Solo
First:Doyoung Park
Second:Keely Flynn
Third:Clara Cumming
H Commended:Madeline Read
Section 138 Age 10 & Under Bowed Strings Solo
First:Mia Clive
Second:Ella Cumming
Third:Hayley Sullivan
H Commended:Annika Earnshaw
Beatrix Haig
Section 139 Age 16 to 18 Brass Solo
First:Jonathan Conrad
Second:Madison Crase
Third:Lauren Atkinson
Section 140 Age 13 to 15 Brass Solo
First:Alyssa Curtis
Second:Michael Aslin
Section 141 Age 12 & Under Brass Solo
First:Charlie Crocker
Second:Jenna Curtis
Third:Abraham Dubbeld
H Commended:Elizabeth Carroll
Section 142 Age 16 to 18 Woodwind Including Recorder Solo
First:Callum Miller
Second:Jessica Stobie
Third:Johnathon Cox
Section 143 Age 13 to 15 Woodwind Including Recorder Solo
First:Aimee Segal
Second:Luke Carroll
Third:Ella Strickland
H Commended:Sophie Woods
Section 144 Age 12 & Under Woodwind excluding Recorder Solo
First:Mikaela Amos
Second:Gabrielle Penaluna
Third:Christian de Jersey
H Commended:Layla Fulton
Section 145 Age 12 & Under Recorder Solo
First:Priya Anand
Second:Vivaan Puri
Third:Esha Maighan
Section 146 Age 18 & Under Instrumental other than Piano Solo
First:Jessica Stobie
Second:Angus Horlock
Third:Emma Watts
H Commended:Jack Lestone
Section 147A Year 7 to Age 18 Instrumental Duo
First:Jonathan Ly, Luke Carroll
Second:Townsville Grammar Sax Duo
Third:Ariana Bourke, Dylan Haar
Section 147B Year 7 to Age 18 Instrumental Duo
First:Ella Strickland, Jasmine Vera
Second:Charlotte To, Freya McManus
Third:Caitlin Woods, Sophie Woods
H Commended:Aime Segal, Lauren To
Section 148 Year 7 to Age 18 Instrumental Trio
First:Charle Crook,Emma Moore, Yu Matsueda
Second:Aimee Segal,Lauren To, Luke Carroll
Third:Cobi Connolly,Flynn Mintern, Zac Lee
Section 149A Year 7 to Age 18 Instrumental Quartet
First:E.McDonald,L.Herlambang,M.Robson, M. Knowles
Second:D.Lee,J.Ly,L.Roehr, S.de Jersey
Third:A.Horlock,A.Minehan,J.Cox, M.Miller
H Commended:A.Truong,A.Park,H.Rapson, V.Truong
Section 149B Year 7 to Age 18 Intrumental Quartet
FirstH.Gorden,J.Andrews,J.Faint, L.Adidi
SecondE.Brown,E.Johnston,G.Canto, J.Whittle
Third:C.Connolly,F.Mintern,S.Fields, Z.Lee
Section 150A Year 6 & Under Instrumental Duo
First:Emily Gilmore, Mani Pradhan
Second:Amber Meeson, Mikaela Amos
Third:Annabelle Brown, Jason Wang
H Commended:Emily Eddison, Kasey Goodman
Section 150B Year 6 & Under Instrumental Duo
First:Alyssa Pang, Gabrielle Penaluna
Second:Esha Malghan, Manasee Sivayogagathan
Third:Myn Jeong Kim, Priya Anand
H Commended:Samantha Cooper, Sophie Cooper
Section 151 Year 6 & Under Instrumental Trio
First:Anika Chavan, Esha Maighan, Manasee Sivayogagathan
Section 152 Year 6 & Under Instrumental Quartet
First:A.Kingston,M.Crewdson,M.Dove, S.Male
Second:A.Meeson,J.Barrett,M.Pradhan, M.Amos
Third:C.Parenti,C.Cumming,H.Knowles, L.Evans
H Commended:E.Cumming,H.Baxter,K.West, L.Parmegiani
B.Parsons,C.Hui Moon,M.Speers, S.Andrews
Section 153 Age 18, Under Percussion Ensemble Group
First:Pimlico State High School Percussion Ensemble
Second:St Patricks Percussion Ensemble
Third:The Cathedral School Percussion Ensemble
Section 154A Age 18, Under Mixed Ensemble Group
First:Ryan Guitar Ensemble
Second:Southern Cross Secondary Guitar Ensemble 2
Third:Los Guitarristas
H Commended:St Margaret Mary’s Guitar Ensemble
Section 154B Age 18, Under Mixed Ensemble Group
First:The Cathedral School Saxaphone Ensemble
Second:The Cathedral School Flute Bellissimo
Third:Kirwan High Flute Choir
H Commended:Townsville Grammar Clarient Ensemble
Section 154C Age 18, Under Mixed Ensemble Group
First:Townsville Grammar Celtic Strings
Second:The Cathedral School String Ensemble
Third:Southern Cross Secondary String Ensemble
H Commended:St Patricks Talko Group
Ryan String Ensemble
Section 155 Year 6, Under Percussion Ensemble Group
First:The Cathedral Junior School Percussion Ensemble
Second:Cranbrook State School
Third:Currajong SS Percussion Ensemble
Section 156A Year 6, Under Mixed Ensemble Group
First:Marian Guitar Ensemble
Second:The Cathedral Junior School Percussion Ensemble
Third:Townsville Grammar Junior Guitar Ensemble
H Commended:Holy Spirit Guitar Ensemble
Ryan Primary String Ensemble
Section 156B Year 6, Under Mixed Ensemble Group
First:The Cathedral Junior School Clarinet Ensemble
Second:The Cathedral Junior School Flutes
Third:St.Joseph’s Mundingburra Allegretto Ensemble
Section 156C Year 6, Under Mixed Ensemble Group
First:Townsvile Central SS Ensemble
Second:Oonoonba State School Concert Band
Third:Townsville Central SS Band B
H Commended:Wulguru SS Ensemble
Section 157 Year 6, Under Recorder Ensemble Group
First:Townsville Grammar Junior Recorders
Second:The Cathedral School Junior Recorders