2019 Results – Music – Choral/Vocal

The Townsville Catholic Education Award
(to the choir or group attaining the highest marks throughout the Eisteddfod)
Ann Roberts Classical E
Music – Vocal 
Vocal Trophies and Awards
Susan Grinsell Trophy – most promising Vocalist Age 12 to 18 years
Bonny Ferguson
Bishop Benjamin Trophy awarded to the most outstanding vocal item
Ameya & Dane Ransom
Margaret Nickson Trophy – donated by the Townsville & District Singers Assn
Elizabeth Ferfolja Salmon
Vocal Encouragement Award Age 11 & under
Erica Round
Most Promising Male Vocalist Age 13 &under
Jacob Hayes
Most Promising Male Vocalist Age 14 to 18 years
Brandon Lindsay
Townsville Choral Society Bursary
Jessica Scott
Most Outstanding Musical Theatre Item
Louise Whittaker
Section 011 Age 17 & 18 Vocal From Musical Theatre Solo
First:Callysta Morris
Second:Bonny Ferguson
Third:Madison Crane
Section 012 Age 16 Vocal From Musical Theatre Solo
First:Kalani Guillien
Second:Bridie Shield
Third:Emily Lafferty
H Commended:Janold Smit
Section 013 Age 15 Vocal From Musical Theatre Solo
First:Louisa Whitaker
Second:Paige Thomas
Third:Rhianne Hansell
H Commended:Mikayka Kelso
Philippa Jhinku
Section 014 Age 14 Vocal From Musical Theatre Solo
First:Jessica Harrison-O’Toole
Second:Olivia Bowater
Third:Amaya Lejarraga
H Commended:Michael Aslin
Section 015 Age 13 Novelty Vocal Solo
First:Caden White
Second:Melanie Lesley
Third:Maclyn Scarborough
Section 016 Age 12 Novelty Vocal Solo
First:Amber Meeson
Second:Lucinda Horn
Third:Jasmine Masumba
H Commended:Prabhalakshmi Praveen
Section 017 Age 11 Novelty Vocal Solo
First:Jacob Hayes
Second:Lillian McClintock
Third:Amelia Betcher
H Commended:Erica Round
Crystal Coleman
Section 018/019 Age 9 & 10 Novelty Vocal Solo
First:Eliza Watts
Second:Elizabeth Davis
Third:Tahlia Webster
Section 020 Age 7 & 8 Novelty Vocal Solo
First:Zara Scovazzi
Second:Sari Oar
Third:Bailey McKenzie
Section 021 Age 16 to 18 Modern Pop Solo
First:Bonny Ferguson
Second:Callysta Morris
Third:Casey Feltham
H Commended:Madeline Pardon
Section 022 Age 14 & 15 Modern Pop Solo
First:Paige Thomas
Second:Ameya Ransom
Third:Laura Reis
Section 023 Age 12 & 13 Modern Pop Solo
First:Amber Meeson
Second:Melanie Leslie
Third:Maclyn Scarborough
H Commended:Brook Anderson
Shelby Sellen
Section 024 Age 16 to 18 Vocal From Film or T.V. Solo
First:Kate Woodford
Second:Janold Smit
Third:Casey Feltham
H Commended:Bridie Shield
Section 025 Age 13 to 15 Vocal From Film or T.V. Solo
First:Paige Thomas
Second:Maclyn Scarborough
Third:Olivia Bowater
H Commended:Shelby Sellen
Section 026 Age 10 to 12 Vocal From Film or T.V. Solo
First:Amber Meeson
Second:Erica Round
Third:Amelia Betcher
H Commended:Jacob Hayes
Lillian McClintock
Section 027 Age 9 & Under Vocal From Film or T.V. Solo
First:Zara Scovazzi
Second:Bailey McKenzie
Section 028 Age 16 to 18 Self-Accompanied Vocal Solo
First:Sophie Horn
Second:Chloe Dickinson
Section 029 Age 14 & 15 Self-Accompanied Vocal Solo
First:Holly Nielsen
Section 030 Age 16 to 18 Classical Vocal Championship Solo
First:Jessica Scott
Second:Kate Woodford
Third:Bridie Shield
H Commended:Emily Lafferty
Section 031/032 Age 16 to 18 Girl’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Jessica Scott
Second:Kate Woodford
Third:Emily Lafferty
H Commended:Chloe Dickinson
Section 033/034 Age 14 & 15 Girl’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Louisa Whittaker
Second:Rhianne Hansell
Third:Aimee Segal
Section 035/036 Age 12 & 13 Girl’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Maclyn Scarborough
Second:Georgia Gardner
Third:Maria Gundorova
Section 037 Age 11 Girl’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Elizabeth Ferfolja Salmon
Second:Erica Round
Third:Amelia Betcher
Section 038/039 Age 9 & 10 Girl’s and Boy’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Mia Clive
Second:Tahlia Webster
Third:April Powell
Section 040/041 Age 5 to 8 Girl’s and Boy’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Samira Peake
Second:Second:Brooke Ransom
Third:Zara Scovazzi
H Commended:Prabhalakshmi Praveen
Section 042 Age 14 to 18 Boy’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Brandon Lindsay
Second:Michael Aslin
Third:Luke Carroll
H Commended:Gianni Adcock
Section 043 Age 12 & 13 Boy’s Classical Vocal Solo
First:Caden White
Section 045 Age 18 & Under Novelty Vocal Duet
First:Callysta Morris, Casey Feltham
Section 046 Age 12 & Under Novelty Vocal Duet
First:Sari Oar, Zara Scovazzi
Second:Elizabeth Davis, Hayley Sullivan
Third:Kahlan Tonks, Lillian McClintock
Section 047 Age 18 & Under Classical Vocal Duet
First:Bridie Shield, Kate Woodford
Second:Georgia Jaworski,Jessica Scott
Third:Callysta Morris, Casey Feltham
Section 048 Age 15 & Under Classical Vocal Duet
First:Amaya, Dane Ransom
Second:Caden White, Maria Gundorova
Third:Aimee Segal, Isabella Baker
Section 050 Age 14 to 18 Vocal From Musical Theatre Duet
First:Casey Feltham, Callysta Morris
Second:Gianni Adcock, Bonny Ferguson
Section 051 Age 13 to 18 Vocal Trio
First:Ina Singh, Jasmine McMahon, Naomi Kutash
Second:Amelia Betcher, Maclyn Scarborough, Stephanie Nickson
Third:Amaya Lejarraga, Brandon Lindsay, Olivia Bowater
H Commended:Ameya Ransom, Callysta Morris, Chloe Dickinson