Results – 21st September 2022

Section Title First Second Third HC
328 Age 10 Classical Solo Cayden Connors Mia Bonaventura Greta Smyth Paislee Coben; Layla Ward
310 Age 13 to 18 Tap Slow or Walz Solo Mei Miyamoto Caitlin Young Karah Moore; David Ball Maya Coulthard; Chloe Broccardo;Kalista Nelson; Bianca Brant; Anai Tillack
320 Age 7 to 9 Song & Dance Annabelle de Hoog Asana Brunker Jessica Reeve
311 Age 11 & 12 Tap Slow or Waltz Solo Lilee Chapple Lainey Griffiths Emma Ball Emmerson Heuir; Rin Miyamoto
347 Age 11 Modern Slow Tempo Solo Lainey Griffiths Asha Lyons Bailey Hudson Isabella Vardanega; Asha Lyons; Emma Ball
322 Age 16 to 18 Classical Solo Grace Jepson Mei Iwamura; Keely McKenzie Ruby Bartels Alysha Mottin; Domenick Osborne; Caden White
325 Age 13 Classical Solo Zoe Ball Sophie Jenkins Zarah Coombe Alesha Poletto; Charli Higgins
338 Age 10 Demi-Character Solo Cayden Connors Greta Smyth Ruby Tuxworth Mia Bonaventura; Laura Ball; Layla Ward
312 Age 18 & Under Tap Duo Aleysha Poletto & Charli Higgins David & Zoe Ball Hailey Foster & Kalista Nelson
365 Age 12 & Under Classical Group JMDS Classical B Ann Roberts Classical D Studio 36 JB
368 Age 18 & Under Jazz Group Ann Roberts Jazz B Ann Roberts Jazz A JMDS Jazz A TAPA B; Reflexions Dance Studio B; Studio 36 SB; Ann Roberts Jazz D
335 Age 13 Demi-Character Solo Zoe Ball Charli Higgins Klancie Coben Zarah Coombe
350 Age 15 Modern Up Tempo Solo Sarah Marshman Matilda Mackay Grace Taylor Lucy Jepson; Alyviah Yelland; Caitlin Young