2019 Results – Dance

Dance Awards
Janette Mulligan Bursary – Ballet
Mackenzie Coombe
Extensions Youth Dance Company Bursary – Tap or Modern
Zai Calliste
The Ann Roberts Trophy
Haylee White
Kurt Phelan Trophy
Dane Reid
Drummond Family Trophy
Ellise Pickering
Melissa Feather Trophy
Dane Reid
Sally-Maree Herlihy Trophy
Lucy Jepson
The Townsville Catholic Education Award
Ann Roberts Classical E
Section 301 Age 18 & Under Dance Trio/Quartet
First:Alannah Davies-Sorensen,Annika Vearing, Hannah Edwards
Second:Heidi-Grace Scheinpflug,Morgan Pringle,Poppy Smart, Sophie Rhind
Third:Abigail Carr-Pauline,Charli Higgins, Meg O’Keefe
Section 302 Age 18 & Under National Solo
First:Ellise Pickering
Second:Sharla Campbell
Third:Rory Jorgensen
H Commended:Hailey Foster
Ellie Murgha
Caitlyn Wiltshire
Section 303 Age 15 to 18 Tap Championship Solo
First:Ellise Pickering
Second:Hannah Giles
Third:Lauren Franettovich
Section 304 Age 15 to 18 Tap – Excluding Slow Solo
First:Ellise Pickering
Second:Keely McKenzie
Third:Hannah Giles
Section 305 Age 13 & 14 Tap – Excluding Slow Solo
First:Malanie Leslie
Second:Liam Shields
Third:Sarah Wilson
Mei Miyamoto
H Commended:Makenzie Griffin
Mikaela Dawson
Sharla Campbell
Section 306 Age 11 & 12 Tap – Excluding Slow Solo
First:Mei Miyamoto
Second:Mei Iwamura
Third:Amali Burch
Third:Brianna Phillips
H Commended:Caden White
Ava-Louise Bowes
Section 307 Age 9 & 10 Tap – Excluding Slow Solo
First:Madeleine Child
Second:Rin Miyamoto
Third:Poppy Smart
H Commended:Ayesha Poletto
Brianna Ninnes
Heidi-Grace Scheinpflug
Section 308 Age 7 & 8 Tap – Excluding Slow Solo
First:Maddison McDonald
Second:Isabella Vardanega
Third:Sophia Parmagian
Asha Lyons
H Commended:Ellietle Young
Aislin Ninnes
Section 309 Age 13 to 18 Tap – Slow Or Waltz Solo
First:Emily Nelson
Second:Hannah Giles
Anai Tillack
Third:Sarah Wilson
H Commended:Sharla Campbell
Section 310 Age 11 & 12 Tap – Slow Or Waltz Solo
First:Chelsea Williams
Section 311 Age 18 & Under Tap Duo
First:Lara Stewart, Maya Miller
Second:Makenzie Griffin, Melanie Leslie
Third:Callysta Morris, Mackenzie Hooking
Section 312 Age 12 & Under Tap Duo
First:Hailey Foster, Tobias Burbridge
Second:Gemma Ruff, Sophia Searle
Third:Crystal Coleman, Katelyn Denman
Danni Muller, Libby Alison
Section 313 Age 18 & Under Dance Duo
First:Freya Boggild, Zai Calliste
Second:Elise Pickering, Nicola Stanton
Third:Kobi Wheeler, Maya Hall
H Commended:Abby Wetherell, Sharla Campbell
Amy Bragg, Isabelle Spanswick
Alexandra Murdoch, Grace Jepson
Section 314 Age 14 & Under Dance Duo
First:Denby O’Keefe, Emily Nelson
Second:Pip Negri, Sophia Reeson
Third:Ava-Louise Bowes, Heidi Roggensack
Third:Amali Burch, Hyunchae Lee
H Commended:Bethany Bode, Chelsea Bode
Ainara Kelly, Yasmin Eaton
Section 315 Age 12 & Under Dance Duo
First:Addison Purdy, Taylor Bawden
Second:Faithe Richards, Trinitee Richards
Third:Charlotte Clive, Margot Tillack
H Commended:Isabella Vardanega, Sofia Inunciaga
Ava Ramn, Ruby Thomas
Section 316 Age 10 & Under Dance Duo
First:Madeleine Child, Rin Miyamoto
Second:Ava Ramn, Ruby Thomas
Third:Heidi Grace-Scheinpflug, Peyton Prothero
H Commended:Charli Higgins, Peter Homles
Madeleine Child, Rin Miyamoto
Section 317 Age 13 to 18 Song & Dance Solo
First:Freya Boggilid
Second:Elise Pickering
Third:Olivia Bowater
H Commended:Aimee Kirakovski
Section 318/319 Age 9 to 12 Song & Dance Solo
First:Emerson Green
Second:Grace Taylor
Third:Erica Round
H Commended:Shelby Giles
Section 320 Age 15 to 18 Classical Ballet Championship Solo
First:Dane Reid
Second:Mackenzie Coombe
Third:Elise Pickering
H Commended:
Section 321 Age 16 to 18 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Primrose Kern
Second:Mackenzie Coombe
Third:Ellise Pickering
H Commended:Kate Booth
Section 322 Age 15 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Keely McKenzie
Second:Zai Calliste
Third:Brooklyn Chivers
H Commended:Tiahna Windle
Section 323 Age 14 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Ruby Bartels
Second:Haylee White
Third:Sharla Campbell
Ruby Mitchell
H Commended:Olivia Bowater
Denby O’Keefe
Freya Boggild
Section 324 Age 13 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Ava-Louise Bowes
Second:Heidi Roggensack
Third:Mei Miyamoto
Mei Iwamura
H Commended:Amali Burch
Section 325 Age 12 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Ava Harris
Second:Lucy Jepson
Third:Morgan Pringle
H Commended:Faithe Richards
Charli Sichter
Kalista Nelson
Hailey Foster
Section 326 Age 11 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Shelby Giles
Second:Chelsea O’neill
Third:Charlotte Clive
Section 327 Age 10 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Tayla O’Brien
Second:Eiza Watts
Third:Freya Blacklock
Imogen Armstrong
H Commended:Ayesha Poletto
Emma Beasley
Section 328 Age 9 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Ashaleigh Boyle
Second:Poppy Smart
Third:Rin Miyamoto
Ellie Murgha
H Commended:Heidi-Grace Scheinpflug
Kahlee Martin
Section 329 Age 7 & 8 Classical Ballet Solo
First:Summer Stubbington
Second:Willow Humphries
Third:Mia Bonaventura
H Commended:Alyssa Garvey
Maddison McDonald
Laila Beath
Section 330 Age 16 to 18 Demi-Character Solo
First:Dane Reid
Second:Primrose Kern
Third:Maya Miller
Mackenzie Coombe
H Commended:Kobi Wheeler
Sophie Fisher
Elise Pickering
Section 331 Age 15 Demi-Character Solo
First:Charlotte Rundell
Second:Maite Kelly
Third:Zai Calliste
Section 332 Age 14 Demi-Character Solo
First:Freya Boggild
Second:Hannah Matich
Haylee White
Third:Sharla Campbell
H Commended:Ruby Bartels
Georgia Hamilton
Section 333 Age 13 Demi-Character Solo
First:Ava-Louise Bowes
Second:Mei Iwamura
Third:Hedi Roggensack
H Commended:Melanie Leslie
Lara Novelli
Liam Shields
Section 334 Age 12 Demi-Character (Demi-Pointe Only) Solo
First:Ava Harris
Second:Charli Sichter
Third:Faithe Richards
H Commended:Keira Child
Section 335 Age 11 Demi-Character (Demi-Pointe Only) Solo
First:Shelby Giles
Second:Caterina Vigor
Third:Eizabeth Nelson
H Commended:Georgia Biasi
Section 336 Age 10 Demi-Character (Demi-Pointe Only) Solo
First:Eliza Watts
Second:Charli Higgins
Third:Zarah Coombe
H Commended:Brianna Ninnes
Section 337 Age 9 Demi-Character (Demi-Pointe Only) Solo
First:Poppy Smart
Second:Ashaleigh Boyle
Third:Heidi-Grace Scheinpflug
H Commended:Sophie Rhind
Section 338 Age 7 & 8 Demi-Character (Demi-Pointe Only) Solo
First:Mia Bonaventura
Second:Laila Beath
Third:Scarlett Green
Kate Balgue
H Commended:Maddison McDonald
Peyton Smart
Alyssa Garvey
Section 339 Age 15 to 18 Modern Dance Championship Solo
First:Mackenzie Coombe
Second:Dane Reid
Third:Kobi Wheeler
Section 340A Age 16 to 18 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Dane Reid
Second:Maya Hall
Third:Charli Hall
H Commended:Elliana Castrejana
Lauren Franettovich
Natalie Langdon
Section 340B Age 16 to 18 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Mackenzie Coombe
Second:Kobi Wheeler
Third:Tamika Bacon
Third:Mitsuki Furutani-Burns
H Commended:Alannah Davies-Sorensen
Hannah Edwards
Emma Keeffe
Section 341 Age 15 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Keely McKenzie
Second:Brooklyn Chivers
Third:Tiahna Windle
H Commended:Charlote Ruddell
Sofia Brescianini
Section 342 Age 14 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Freya Boggild
Second:Evelyn Holmes
Third:Ruby Mitchell
Grace Jepson
H Commended:Sharla Campbell
Isabelle Franzmann
Hayee White
Section 343 Age 13 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Mei Miyamoto
Second:Mei Iwamura
Third:Amali Burch
Third:Brianna Phillips
H Commended:Caden White
Ava-Louise Bowes
Section 344 Age 12 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Lucy Jepson
Second:Morgan Pringle
Third:Layne Vignale
Ava Harris
H Commended:Chloe Thomas
Presley Tanner
Charli Sichter
Section 345 Age 11 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Shelby Giles
Second:Georgia Biasi
Third:Addison Purdy
H Commended:Charlotte Clive
Section 346 Age 10 Modern Dance – Slow Tempo Solo
First:Chanel Dworjanya
Second:Taylor Bawden
Third:Emerson Green
H Commended:Imogen Armstrong
Zarah Coombe
Eliza Watts
Section 347A Age 16 to 18 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Dane Reid
Second:Maya Hall
Third:Kobi Wheeler
H Commended:Elliana Castledine
Kate Booth
Section 347B Age 16 to 18 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Tamika Bacon
Second:Mackenzie Coombe
Third:Yewayi Mushaya
H Commended:Sarah Mosch
Monique Davey
Alannah Davies-Sorensen
Section 348 Age 15 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Zai Calliste
Second:Keely McKenzie
Third:Brooklyn Chivers
H Commended:Jade Wilson
Section 349 Age 14 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Grace Jepson
Second:Freya Boggild
Third:Evelyn Holmes
H Commended:Sharla Campbell
Isabelle Franzmann
Lauren Muguira
Section 350 Age 13 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Ava-Louise Bowes
Second:Amali Burch
Third:Mei Iwamura
Heidi Roggensack
H Commended:Liam Shields
Mackenzie Griffin
Brianna Phillips
Section 351 Age 12 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Layne Vignale
Second:Lucy Jepson
Third:Ava Harris
H Commended:Keira Child
Gracie Smith
Charli Sichter
Section 352 Age 11 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Shelby Giles
Second:Addison Purdy
Third:Erica Round
H Commended:Charlotte Clive
Georgia Biasi
Section 353 Age 10 Modern Dance – Up Tempo Solo
First:Taylor Bawden
Second:Emily Goldburg
Third:Eliza Watts
H Commended:Chanel Dworjanya
Zarah Coombe
Emerson Green
Section 354A Age 9 Modern Dance Solo
First:Rin Miyamoto
Second:Ashaleigh Boyle
Third:Ellie Murgha
Sophie Rhind
H Commended:Tayla Dan
Heidi-Grace Scheinpflug
Section 354B Age 9 Modern Dance Solo
First:Poppy Smart
Second:Mia Roncato
Third:Zoe Addison Sawyer
Makenna Westcott
H Commended:Madeleine Child
Ruby Thomas
Section 355 Age 7 & 8 Modern Dance Solo
First:Willow Humphries
Second:Asha Lyons
Third:Maddison McDonald
H Commended:Isabella Vardanega
Mia Bonaventura
Summer Hernandez
Section 356 Age 13 to 18 Hip Hop Solo
First:Ava Walker
Second:Pip Negri
Third:Arwun Moretto
H Commended:
Section 357 Age 12 & Under Hip Hop Solo
First:Emerson Green
Second:Paeton Lorraway
Third:Lilli Sayers
Section 358 Age 6 Dance Solo
First:Peyton Prothero
Second:Aria Goldsack
Third:Kheeley Barnett
Paeton Lorraway
H Commended:Sophia McDonald
Sadie Denmand
Georgia Bancroft
Section 359 Age 5 & Under Tiny Tots Dance Solo
First:Lacey Rhind
Second:Kambelle McGuire
Third:Mikayla Close
H Commended:Amelia Jackson
Section 360 Age 13 to 18 Impromptu Dance – Demi-Character Solo
First:Mackenzie Coombe
Second:Kobi Wheeler
Third:Ava-Louise Bowes
Section 361 Age 13 to 18 Impromptu Dance – Modern Age Solo
First:Kobi Wheeler
Second:Tamika Bacon
Third:Evelyn Holmes
H Commended:Lara Novelli
Riley Scott
Ava-Louise Bowes
Section 362 Age 18 & Under Classical Dance Group
First:Ann Roberts Classical C
Second:Ann Roberts Classical B
Third:Julia Macalpine Dance Studio
H Commended:Ann Roberts Classical A
Section 363 Age 12 & Under Classical Dance Group
First:Ann Roberts Classical C
Second:Studio 36 Junior Ballet
Third:Ann Roberts Classical D
Section 364 Age 18 & Under Lyrical/Expressive Dance Group
First:Ann Roberts Lyrical A
Second:Julia Macalpine Dance Studio
Third:Croft-Gilchrist School of Dancing
H Commended:Studio 36 Lyrical 2
Section 365 Age 12 & Under Lyrical/Expressive Dance Group
First:Ann Roberts Lyrical D
Second:Studio 36 JL
Third:TAPA A
H Commended:Dance Magnetic
Section 366 Age 18 & Under Jazz Dance Group
First:Julia Macalpine Dance Studio
Second:Ann Roberts Jazz B
Third:Croft-Gilchrist School of Dancing
H Commended:TAPA E
Section 367 Age 12 & Under Jazz or Novelty Group
First:TAPA D
Second:Reflexions Dance Studio B
Third:Ann Roberts Jazz D
H Commended:Ann Roberts Jazz F
Section 368 Age 18 & Under Tap Group
First:Julia Macalpine Dance Studio
Second:Ann Roberts Tap A
Section 369 Age 12 & Under Tap Group
First:Ann Roberts Tap C
Second:Reflexions Dance Studio C
Third:Ann Roberts Tap B
H Commended:
Section 370 Year 7 to Age 18 Secondary School Dance Group
First:Townsville Grammar Dance Troupe
Second:Pimlico SHS Xdance
Third:Kirwan High Creative Arts Dance Senior
H Commended:St Margarot Mar’s Senior Dance Troupe
St Pat’s Dance Troupe Gold
Section 371 Year 6 & Under Primary School Dance Group
First:St Anthony’s 6D
Second:SACC Dance Group