2019 Results – Visual Arts

Visual Arts
Senior Art Encouragement Award
Seoyeon Kim
Junior Art Encouragement Award
Joshua Hancock
Cath Meharry Encouragement Award
Rhiannon Shaw
Section 618 – Year 7 to Age 18 Media Solo
First:Brandon Lindsay
Section 619 – Year 6 & Under Media Solo
First::Fawn Terrace
Second:Eli Williams
Third:Max Quin
H Commended:Maddison Carleton
Section 620 – Year 7 to Age 18 Art Work Solo
First:Seoyeon Kim
Second:Nakeya Herbert
Third:Sharla Campbell
H Commended:Emma Moore
Venice Mellick
Section 621A – Year 6 Art Work Solo
First:Beau Rixon
Second:Phoebe Day
Third:Georgia Arnol-Fulton
H Commended:Annabelle Kingston
Olivia Sellars
Section 621B – Year 6 Art Work Solo
First:Rhiannon Shaw
Second:Joesphine Jones-Goodwin
Third:Darcee Snelleman
H Commended:Vereana Peters
Section 622A – Year 5 Art Work Solo
First:Grace King
Second:Mollie Fitzpatrick
Third:Zi Xi Chen
H Commended:Riley Sievers
Section 622B – Year 5 Art Work Solo
First:Lote Koloi
Second:Taleisha Gaeta
Third:Caitlyn McMillan
H Commended:Emily Brush
Angelica Milne
Section 622C – Year 5 Art Work Solo
First:Liam Doyle
Second:Vanessa Keim
Third:Zali Prideaux
H Commended:Cooper Pain
Rachael Williams
Section 623A – Year 4 Art Work Solo
First:Maia Brooks
Second:Leo Hoskins
Third:Chelsea Jacobson
H Commended:Sadie Desatge
Emmi McCartney
Section 623B – Year 4 Art Work Solo
First:Rhiley Penna-Collins
Second:Ella Baumann
Third:Charli Cox
H Commended:Riley Smith
Evie Absolon
Section 623C – Year 4 Art Work Solo
First:Kilahni-Kae Huston
Second:Kaliyah Dainer
Third:Ella Johnstone
H Commended:Hunter Powell
Section 624A – Year 3 Art Work Solo
First:Rhys Peffers
Second:Oliver Chappel
Third:Charlotte McClarty
H Commended:Jun Kim
Section 624B – Year 3 Art Work Solo
First:Kate Hancock
Second:Luke Walsh
Third:Bodhi Goacher
H Commended:Drew Harris
Isabella Contarino
Section 625A Year 2 Art Work Solo
First:Abigail Charles
Second:Benedite Ward
Third:Leah Hamilton
H Commended:Marlinke Coetser
Section 625B Year 2 Art Work Solo Year 2 Art Work Solo
First:Tristan Wiltshire
Second:William Munro
Third:Lachlan Douglas
H CommendedZoe Hemmett
Nina Wang
Section 626 – Year 1 Art Work Solo
First:Emma Brooks
Second:Georgia McCall
Third:Tom Absolon
H Commended:Ethan Dare
Section 627 – Prep & Under Art Work Solo
First:Joshua Hancock
Second:Ruby Doyle
Third:Andy Agapiou
H Commended:Bronte Goacher
Section 628 – Secondary School 3D Art Work Solo
First:Evelyn Holmes
Second:Anai Tillack
ThirdErynne Randall
H Commended
Section 629A – Primary School 3D Art Work Solo
First:Margot Tillack
Second:Caitlin Holmes
Third:Caitlyn Penny
Section 629B – Primary School 3D Art Work Solo
First:Oscar Tillack
Senior Photographic Encouragement Award
Braydon Glover
Middle School Photographic Award
Sienna Thomas
Junior Photographic Encouragement Award
Mollie Fitzpatrick
Section 630 – Year 10 to Age 18 Photograph-Landscape/Seascape
First:Braydon Glover
Second:Lachlan Bourke
Third:Paige Thomas
H CommendedRebecca Kelso
Section 631 – Year 10 to Age 18 Photograph-Portrait
First:Paige Thomas
H CommendedRebecca Kelso
Section 632-Year 7 to 9 Photograph-Landscape/Seascape
First:Sienna Thomas
Second:Luke Carroll
Third:Clare Stewart
H CommendedAbbey Snell
Elizabeth Carroll
Section 633 – Years 7, 8 & 9 Middle School Photograph – Portrait Solo
First:Sienna Thomas
Second:Abbey Snell
Third:Keeley Alexander
H Commended:Ben Fitzpatrick
Section 634A – Years 4, 5 & 6 Primary School Photograph Solo
First:Gemma Morris
Second:Mollie Fizpatrick
Third:Edan Watson
H Commended:Evie Laneyrie
Emily Lestone
Section 634B – Years 4, 5 & 6 Primary School Photograph Solo
First:Alexis Nemeth
Second:Kartia Hankin
Third:William Charles
H Commended:Jenna Land
Section 635 – Year 3 & Under Junior Primary School Photograph Solo
First:Bodhi Goacher
Second:Halle Laneyrie
Third:Abigail Charles
H Commended:Katie McDonald