Results – 24th September 2022

Section Title First Second Third HC
315 Age 14 & Under Dance Duo Klancie Coben & Rhylee Keating Lilah Heising & Shelby Giles Lily Kleem & Megaera Richards Emily Hawes & Nina Martini; Charlotte Clive & Gemma Ruff
360 Age 7 To 12 Hip Hop Solo Lilee Chapple Bailey Hudson Emma Ball Brooklyn Keating; Hannah Weldon; Paityn Sukaserm
318 Age 13 to 18 Song & Dance Adelaide de Hoog Bianca Brant David Ball Shelby Giles; Zoe Ball
313 Age 12 & Under Tap Duo Emma Ball & Rin Miyamoto Emmerson Heuir & Savannah Jackson Adeline McMahon & Grac-May Wright
345 Age 13 Modern Slow Tempo Solo Zoe Ball Trinitee Richards Emily Goldburg Zarah Coombe; Nina Martini; Lily Kleem; Caitlyn Wiltshire
326 Age 12 Classical Solo Ellie Murgha Rin Miyamoto Hannah Rayment Isla Dubbins; Mekenzie Haskins
363 Age 13 to 18 Impromptu Dance – Modern Zoe Ball Matilda McKay; Sophie Jenkins Riley Scott Katelyn Vassallo
353 Age 12 Modern Up Tempo Solo Rin Miyamoto Mekenzie Haskins Iliana Richrds Ellie Murgha; Makenna Westcott;
321 Age 15 to 18 Classical Ballet Champiponship Grace Jepson Amali Burch Lucy Jepson